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This is a sample of a Basic covered in this Martial Art System. Basics are divided into the major categories of “Whole Body Movements” (Stances, Foot maneuvers, Body Maneuvers), “Body Extension Movements” (Blocks, Parries, Checks, Punches, Kicks, Strikes, Weapons), and “Body Contraction Movements” (Grabs, Holds, Locks, Chokes).



These are prearranged patterns of movement that connect basics in order to teach transitions along with other martial art lessons, while also indexing the techniques of the system.



This sparring, or sport system gives the essential elements of the major “games of fighting” available. Covered are Karate Point Fighting; Muay Thai Kickboxing; Boxing; Ground Grappling (primarily Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling); plus Clinch & Takedown Fighting (primarily Judo & Wrestling).



The primary focus of Kenpo Karate/Jiu Jitsu is on Street Self-Defense with over 140 street technique videos organized by attack category. Those are: Body, Neck & Head Grab Attacks; Pushing Attacks; Punch & Strike Attacks; Club, Gun & Knife Attacks; Kick & Kick/Punch Combination Attacks; Tackles & Takedown Attacks; Hugs, Holds & Lock Attacks; Multiple Attackers.

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