Mind Body Spirit Series

Mr. Barker has written 3 books that comprehensively cover the martial arts topic from a Mind-Body-Spirit perspective

Mind: Concepts and Principles As Seen Through Martial Arts

The Mind covers martial arts from an intellectual perspective and a valuable comprehensive resource for martial artists of all levels, and from any sport or street style. The “Vocabulary & Terminology” chapter clarifies much of the language of martial arts, along with 19 important “Mental Concepts” and 19 vital “Physical Principles” every martial artist should know.


Body: Techniques and Applications As Seen Through Martial Arts

The Body covers martial arts from a target, weapon, anatomy, physiology, and system perspective. It contains the Barry Barker Kenpo System as a reference, along with a sophisticated “Pressure Point” analysis, and a comprehensive “Sport Fighting” chapter.


Spirit: Intention and Path As Seen Through Martial Arts

The Spirit is an important topic often underappreciated in modern culture. This book discusses the methods evolved over time to develop character and other important martial qualities. Chapters on “Wisdom” and “Martial Arts First Aid” are a must read. For the professional martial artist this book also contains chapters on “The Art of Teaching” and “The Business of Martial Arts.”