Kenpo Self-Defense Technique Cross Reference Name Chart

#Poway Kenpo NamesEPAK NamesTracy Kenpo Names
1Alternating FistsAlternating MaceJapanese Sword
2Arms of SilkWings of SilkSilk Wind
3Ascending from DeathHeavenly AscentThe Wedge
4Back BreakerBack BreakerEagle Claws
5Bear and the RamThe Bear and the RamEagle Pin
6Begging PalmsBegging HandsAnvil
7Blinding ViceBlinding SacrificeDarting Serpent
8Bouncing PendulumSwinging PendulumChopping the Log
9Broken GunBroken RodTurning the Flame
10Broken KneelDestructive KneelSowing the Seeds
11Broken TackleBroken RamEncircling Arms
12Brushing the ClubBrushing the StormStartled Cat
13Buckling the LegBuckling BranchBlocking the Kick
14Calming the ClubCalming the StormCalming the Storm
15Captured ArmsCaptured TwigsJapanese Strangle Hold
16Capturing the ClubCapturing the StormSpinning from the Sun
17Capturing the GunCapturing the RodUncovering the Flame
18Charging TackleCharging RamEncircling Arms
19Checking the ClubChecking the StormEvasion
20Circling ElbowCircling WingCrash of the Eagle
21Circling ParriesCircling FansWhirling Leaves
22Circling the ArmCircling the HorizonShaolin Warrior
23Circling the ClubCircling the StormCrashing Elbows var.
24Circling the Kick ACircle of DoomCircle of China
25Circling the Kick BN/AN/A
26Clipping the BladeClipping Lance & StormCobra and the Mongoose
27Compulsive KneelBow of CompulsionEagle Miss
28Conquering ArmConquering ShieldAdvancing Phoenix
29Courting the TigerCourting the TigerKnee Sweep
30Cradling the BabyGathering CloudsParting the Waves
31Crashing ElbowsCrashing WingsCircling Elbows
32Cross of DestructionCross of DestructionBridge
33Crossed ArmsCrossed TwigsShackle Break
34Crossing FistAttacking MaceKenpo Shield
35Crossing GrabCrossing TalonCrossing Talon
36Crushing PalmCrushing HammerRising Elbow
37Dance of DeathDance of DeathDance of Death
38Dancing in the DarkDance of DarknessBrushing Wind
39Dangerous TackleEncounter with DangerFalling Rock
40Darting FistDarting MaceCobra and the Mongoose
41Defending the CrossDefensive CrossSweeping Winds
42Deflecting PendulumDeflecting HammerBlocking the Kick
43Defying the ClubDefying the StormBending Reeds