Poway Kenpo Karate/Jiu Jitsu

With over 65 Kenpo Black Belts in his over 31 years in business

Chief Instructor and Owner Barry Barker (aka Mr. B) opened Poway Kenpo Karate in 1984. Mr. Barker’s Kenpo school has become a fixture in Poway and is the most popular place to study martial arts in the area. Mr. B has promoted over 78 Kenpo Black Belts in his over 32 years in business with hundreds of child, teen, and adult students going through the program at any one time. He also has five of his own kids, all adults now (Justin, Alexis, Joshua, Jessica, Jordan) with Joshua (5th Degree), Jordan (4th Degree), and Jessica (1st Degree) reaching Black Belt level.

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